Steps to Print :


Step 1 :

To print a file,first open the client application of Print My Files on the Kindle Fire and click on "Select File and Print" button as shown in the screenshot below.


Step 2:

Select a file to be printed :

To select a file,click on either "mnt","SDCard" or "Storage" folder as shown below.This will show all directories of Kindle Fire.



After the file is selected,the application will automatically try to detect the Wi-Fi IP address.If the connections are proper,it will connect to the 

Wi-Fi network else it will ask you to enter the IP address.While detecting the connection,the application may not respond for a few minutes.Just leave it from some time.


Step 3:

 If the app asks for the IP address,please right click on the System Tray icon of Print My Files and select "IP Address of System".The server will display below screen. Try the IP addresses on by one :



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