Thank You for installing Print My Files!

Introduction :

Print My Files can be used to print any file to Wired/Wireless Printer easily.Print My Files contains two components.The client component is installed on the Kindle Fire/Android device.The client component could be downloaded from the Amazon App Store.

The second component is installed on the computer and it is called the server component.The server component can be downloaded and installed from the downloads page

Basic Rules before starting :

By this point it is assumed that the client and server components both have been installed successfully.Before Printing a file there is a basic setup required.

a) The Kindle Fire Device and the Computer on which the server is installed ,both need to be connected to the same Router/Wi-Fi network.

When both computer and mobile are connected to same Router,these will bear the identical IP addresses with Pattern 172.16.1.X

The IP address could differ from the one shown in the image below.It could also be 192.168.1.X






b) While trying to print,you may get notification from the Firewall for Print My Files.Please allow the connection to.from Print My Files. OR please add the application to the "Exceptions List" of the firewall.

For example,in the below image,the Windows Firewall is blocking the connection.Please click on the "Allow Access" button to allow the connection.



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